KMX Video Center

Tornado Construction Video

This is an instructional video for the KMX Torndado. The KMX series are easy to build and high quality recumbent trikes.

KMX K3 Assembly

Learn how to assemble your new KMX K3.

KMX Venom Construction Video

Learn how to construct your KMX Venom by following this tutorial

KMX Cobra Assembly Video

This is an assembly video for the KMX Cobra. Learn how to quickly turn your Cobra Kit into a trail blazing machine.

KMX Viper Assembly Video

This is a quick instructional video on how to construct a KMX Viper. The KMX series recumbent trikes are high quality and very affordable. They can be built at home with little to no technical knowledge.

Typhoon Assembly Video

Learn how to assembly your Typhoon Kit Trike.

Introducing Rotovelo

Get a fly by of how the Rotovelo works! See it from all angles with this explanation of why they made the Rotovelo and how it functions.

KMX Kompact Assembly Video

Learn how to quickly assemble you KMX Kompact.

Kompact R Assembly Video

Learn to assembly your Kompact R Trike.